Registration Info: 2021-2022

All forms (Except Player Registration Form) are now downloadable to your computer in excel. Please fill in all applicable forms using the excel spreadsheets. THESE ARE NOT ONLINE REGISTRATION FORMS. YOU MUST STILL PRINT OFF FORMS AND TURN IN WITH YOUR PACKET. The School Schedule Form and the Team Roster need to be downloaded and filled out in excel and then email to us as an attachment ( NOT a PDF). You do not have to summit another School Scheduler form with your packet if it is emailed but 3 copies of the Team roster must be in the packet.


CDC Coach's Concussion prevention certification:

CDC Coach's Concussion Prevention Certification needs to be completed and turned in with the packet. Concussion:

National Background Screening

The National Background Screening Consent Form needs to be completed online. Please send us an email when you have signed up for the background check so we can request it.

Background check: